“Nicolin selflessly volunteers her time as a mentor/life coach to two women in WEC for over a year. One states “Nicolin is a great mentor and perfect fit” The two women have reported significant changes in their thinking and goal setting that has improved their quality of life and self-image.”
Director of Women’s Services | Community Renewal Team | Support Seniors; Hartford, CT

Tenesha Grant

“Your training style, effective PowerPoint presentation and many anecdotes painted a clear picture for the audience helping them connect with the material presented. The feedback from our students was excellent as it gave them practical tips and tools that help with building their confidence for job preparation  success.”
Interim Director of Adult Education | New Britain CT

Kevin Andersen

” Nicolin, thank you for your kind, creative, and inspirational workshop you provided for the COSC Students and Alumni (and me). The Vision Board Workshop provided an opportunity for us to tune in and take action –to consider actionable steps towards creating the lives we dare to dream about. Your guidance helped (me) remove the barriers, find the focus to dream and, and the inspiration to design steps towards reaching that dream. It was an enchanting two hours; your time and expertise were very much appreciated! May you continue to inspire others!”
Charter Oak State College Foundation

Carol Hall

I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the positive impact you have had on my
life. Thank you for being more than a coach; you are a mentor, a confidante, and a catalyst for positive
change. Your passion for empowering others is contagious, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have you by
my side on this transformative journey. I wish you continued success in touching lives and making a lasting impact. Keep shining brightly,
Nicolin! With heartfelt appreciation,

Bria Wilson

I would like to express how grateful I am to have received the support of a life coach. Nicolin has influenced and encouraged me to stay motivated on accomplishing long and short term goals. I truly appreciate the individualized goal plans that we have made together, as well as her personalized feedback and words of encouragement.